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Because of the wide variety of materials and products that can be transported using electric hoists, winches and cranes, many different industries are able to benefit from these machines. An electric hoist can be used to move and handle large rolls of paper to install in printing presses, so that newspapers can be printed daily. In the food industry, electric hoists are capable of moving large equipment that is used for the mixing of ingredients and containers for storage. Electric hoists of this type are generally made for the particular environment and can be very gentle, depending on need. In mining applications, electric hoists are especially useful for withdrawing shield support and mounting platforms from mines. These electric hoists tend to be highly durable hoists that are able to withstand the rough environment, plus they tend to be explosion proof.

Before buying an electric hoist for a facility or specific lifting job, it is important to consider the application for which it will be used, along with the many different specifications and options that exist among different hoists and lifts. Maximum weight capacity, maximum lift speed, line type and mounting type of the electric hoists need to be taken into account as well. These are important considerations because, for instance, buying a casual load lifting hoist to transport a boat would lead to many safety issues. Using a lighter load hoist would result in damage to the hoist and/or boat, not to mention the safety issues it would raise for the employees. Safety must be taken into account when using electric hoists to ensure that the weight of the objects being raised or lowered does not surpass the maximum load carrying capability. Injuries can happen when dealing with this kind of equipment, so one must understand how to safely operate these electric hoists machines before use in order to avoid harm.

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